Hyne Cup

The Hyne Cup is a private race held each Spring between the eights of Weybridge RC and Walton RC. The cup itself was donated by the family of John Hyne, a Weybridge RC member who was killed in World War II.
Nowadays, all the clubs on the Shepperton to Sunbury reach - Weybridge RC, Walton RC, Weybridge Ladies ARC, Thames Valley Skiff Club, St George's College BC & Cranmore School - are invited to race over the course in crew boats.

It was originally a side-by-side race, but it is presently run as a 'head' race (time trial) rowed over 3300 metres downstream from Elmbridge Canoe Club to Little Tumbling Bay weir (adjacent to Elmbridge Leisure Centre); this is the Weybridge Silver Sculls course in reverse.

The contested trophies are:-

Hosting of the event alternates between Walton RC and Weybridge RC. The date is agreed between the respective captains; it is usually in February.

Weybridge RC are hosts in 2018. The race will take place on Sunday 4th February 2018 with Div.1 at 10am and Div.2 at 11:30am.

Previous years:-
2017 results
2016 results
2015 results
2014 - event cancelled due to the river being in flood 
2013 results
2012 results
2011 results
2010 results
2009 results
2008 - event cancelled due to inability to agree a mutually suitable date
2007 - event cancelled due to strong stream boards being displayed
2006 results
2005 results
2004 results
2003 - event cancelled due to a car leaving Walton Lane and ending up in the river. Emergency services were still in attendance at 11am.
2002 - event cancelled due to strong stream boards being displayed
2001 - event cancelled due to exceptionally strong stream
2000 results