Rag Regatta & Visitors' Day

So what is the Rag Regatta?

The Weybridge Rag Regatta is an annual event featuring fun races over a very short course on the backwater by Weybridge Rowing Club.

What about Visitors' Day?

We combine the opportunity for members to invite their friends, families and colleagues to come and see the club and meet the rowing community. That can be helpful when justifying the immortal phrase "darling, I'm still down at the rowing club..."

When is this year's Regatta?

It is traditionally a Sunday in August - this year's date has not yet been set.

What can I expect to witness at this prestigious event?

The programme of events includes....

Entries are just 1 per person per event.

What if I'm a land-lubber?

Other attractions on the land include.....

How do I find the Rag Regatta?

Take a look at the map and follow the signs on the day. We look forward to seeing you !