Weybridge Silver Sculls

Winners of the Amy Gentry Cup and the Houghton Cup

A simple silver cup on a black and silver stand
First presented in 1977

The Houghton Cup is awarded to the fastest senior or masters woman single sculler in the last division. This cup, which was previously presented at the old Weybridge Regatta in the 1920s, replaces the Amy Gentry Cup which was awarded from 1977 until it was lost in 2009.

1958J WilsheeAlpha WARC18:47
1959J WilsheeAlpha WARC16:31
1960P ChuterLaleham SPC16:48
1961P ChuterLaleham SPC15:50
1962P ChuterLaleham SPC14:48
1963P ChuterLaleham SPC16:08
1964P ChuterLaleham SPC15:19
1965S HarperWeybridge LARC17:16
1966M GladdenUniv London BC22:17
1967C PeerWeybridge LARC18:32
1968J RankineUnited Univ WBC17:58
1969C PeerStourport BC15:14
1970C DaviesJessamy Scullers15:22
1971C DaviesJessamy Scullers16:25
1972C DaviesJessamy Scullers15:19
1973A MayCivil Service RC16:38
1974A CorkCivil Service RC20:32
1975P BirdWeybridge LARC15:08
1976M DubbelboerARS Nereus17:18
1977P HartKingston RC15:29
1978S PriceThames RC15:09
1979P HartKingston RC14:23
1980P HartWalton RC15:58
1981S PriceThames RC15:29
1982No race
1983G BondImperial College BC14:45
1984R DaviesBirmingham RC17:52
1985G BondImperial College BC14:32
1986G BondImperial College BC15:25
1987No race
1988G HodgesTideway Scullers School15:32
C BakerTideway Scullers School15:32
1989A MardenThames Tradesmen's RC14:17
1990S AppleboomMortlake & Alpha14:19
1991S AppleboomMortlake & Alpha14:11
1992S AppleboomMortlake & Alpha15:14
1993No race
1994P SmithNottingham RC16:25
1995N DaleTideway Scullers School14:29
1996A van LeemputtenThames RC15:41
1997A van LeemputtenThames RC14:30
1998L CareyTideway Scullers School16:01
1999A GraingerWallingford RC14:49
2000L WaltersShanklin Sandown RC18:30
2001J SmithWarwick BC16:25
2002J WarrenWeybridge LARC15:13
2003S BirchKingston RC14:23
2004B BrittenLondon RC16:16
2005B RibbensBewl Bridge RC15:09
2006R E BradburyWestminster School17:28
2007E KeanWeybridge RC17:03
2008S HoskingLondon RC15:27
2009A JacksonWeybridge RC15:51
2010A JacksonWeybridge RC15:42
2011A JacksonWalton RC15:14
2012No race
2013A JacksonWalton RC15:34
2014C MatthewsTideway Scullers School16:55
2015D MallinsonMortlake Anglian & Alpha BC14:49
2016A StockPoplar Blackwall & District RC14:56