Weybridge Rowing Club

List of people volunteering at the 2006 World Rowing Championships

Gill Shaw - Team Liaison
Jack Percival - Start Team
Jackson Lippold - Start Team
Paul Wielgut - On Water
Caroline Turnbull -Team Liaison
John Turnbull - Health & Safety
Ashley Tilling - Hotel Services
Derek Holmes - Adaptive
Carl Boon - Spectator services
Richard Packer - On water
Judith Packer - Start Team, Organising Committee
Anne Musgrave - On water
Peter Lipscomb - Spectator services
Mick Howe - Start Team
Greg Jones - Accreditation, Organising Committee

Plus former Weybridge people, now living in East Anglia
June Sanson - Spectator services
John Sanson - Spectator services

Total 17 people

If you are helping and are not listed, please email Greg Jones.