Who's Who at Weybridge Rowing Club

Position (linked to job description where possible) Name Contact number Contact email - replace [at] with @
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President Caroline Turnbull - president [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Captain Claudine Ferguson - captain [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Vice Captain Clive Capel - clive [at] wrcjnr.com
Vice Captain Rachel Kornberg - membership [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Vice Captain Eva Ferlez - women.squad [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Secretary Anne Morris - secretary [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Treasurer Clive Curd - treasurer [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Safety Adviser Graham Campbell - safety [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Facilities Manager - - facilities [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Committee Chairman
& Asst Safety Advisor
Dale Gowland - chairman [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Membership Secretary
& Assistant Treasurer
Rachel Kornberg 07582 200851 membership [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Social Secretary Anitra Camargo - social [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
& Site development
Geoff Thomas -  
Committee member
& Race entries
Eva Ferlez - entries [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Bar Manager
John Turnbull -  
Welfare officer
Judy Sarsby - welfare [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk

Coaches and Rowing Co-ordinators

Head Coach - seniors Tom Oades - seniors.coach [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Head Coach - juniors Matt Beagley - matt [at] wrcjnr.com
Men's co-ordinator Paul Gray - men.squad [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Women's competitive co-ordinator Eva Ferlez - women.squad [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Women's novice
Rachel Kornberg 07582 200851 membership [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Juniors' co-ordinator Clive Capel 01932 254064 clive [at] wrcjnr.com
John Turnbull 01932 340108 johnt8421[at] aol.com
Boat bookings
Claudine Ferguson - captain [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Race entries secretary Rachel Kornberg - entries [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Coach Ashley Tilling 07941 595538  
Coach Clive Capel    
Coach Nick Coxhead    
Coach Carl Boon    
Coach Graham Cocks    


British Rowing qualified umpires

Caroline Turnbull 01932 340108 carolinetu [at] aol.com
John Turnbull 01932 340108 johnt8421 [at] aol.com
Ashley Tilling 01932 820841 a.tilling [at] care4free.net
Ian Baldwin [multi-lane qualified] 07774 294547 imbaldwin3 [at] gmail.com


Vice Presidents
A Vice-President is someone who has made a significant contribution or service to the life of the Club. Nominations shall be made by the Committee for election at a General Meeting. Once elected the office is for life. Vice-Presidents shall not exceed twenty in number.


Honorary Life Members
Awarded for exceptional services to the Club, usually over a period of several years. Honorary Life Members are entitled to all the facilities of the Club and are not required to pay a subscription. Candidates must be proposed by the Committee and elected at a General Meeting.

Carl Boon   Arthur Ayliffe
Nigel Burton   Les Balding
Clive Capel   John Burnett
John Cox   Greg Gregory-Jones
Mike England   John Turnbull
Mark Johnson   Carl Boon
Alasdair Kean   Caroline Turnbull
Bob King   Dave Cox
Mike Knowles    
Lyn Taylor    
Ashley Tilling    
Caroline Turnbull (Current President)    
Past Presidents    
John Burnett    
Dave Cox    
Mike Cumpper    
Greg Gregory-Jones    
Derek Holmes    
Leif Mills    
John Turnbull