Who's Who at Weybridge Rowing Club

Position (linked to job description where possible) Name Contact number Contact email - replace [at] with @
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President Dave Cox - president [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Captain Rachel Kornberg 07582 200851 captain [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Vice Captain Clive Capel - clive [at] wrcjnr.com
Vice Captain Lara Conaway -  
Secretary Anne Morris - secretary [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Treasurer Clive Curd - treasurer [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Safety Adviser Graham Campbell - safety [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Facilities Manager - - facilities [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Committee Chairman Fiona McAnena - fiona [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Committee Nick Coxhead - nick [at] wrcjnr.com
Committee Cath Allaway -  
Committee Nick Gordon-Creed    
Committee Geoff Thomas    
Bar Manager
John Turnbull -  
Social Secretary (non committee) Judy Sarsby   social [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Welfare officer (non-committee) Judy Sarsby - welfare [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk

Coaches and Rowing Co-ordinators

Head Coach Diarmuid Fehily - headcoach [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Men's co-ordinator Paul Gray - men.squad [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Women's novice co-ordinator Lara Conaway - women.squad [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Junior co-ordinator Clive Capel 01932 254064 clive [at] wrcjnr.com
Recreational co-ordinator John Turnbull 01932 340108 johnt8421[at] aol.com
Boat bookings co-ordinator Rachel Kornberg 07582 200851 captain [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Regatta entries secretary Rachel Kornberg 07582 200851 entries [at] weybridgerowing.org.uk
Coach Ashley Tilling 07941 595538  
Coach Clive Capel    
Coach Nick Coxhead    
Coach Carl Boon    
Coach Graham Cocks    


British Rowing qualified umpires

Caroline Turnbull 01932 340108 carolinetu [at] aol.com
John Turnbull 01932 340108 johnt8421 [at] aol.com
Ashley Tilling 01932 820841 a.tilling [at] care4free.net
Ian Baldwin [multi-lane qualified] 07774 294547 imbaldwin3 [at] gmail.com


Vice Presidents
A Vice-President is someone who has made a significant contribution or service to the life of the Club. Nominations shall be made by the Committee for election at a General Meeting. Once elected the office is for life. Vice-Presidents shall not exceed twenty in number.


Honorary Life Members
Awarded for exceptional services to the Club, usually over a period of several years. Honorary Life Members are entitled to all the facilities of the Club and are not required to pay a subscription. Candidates must be proposed by the Committee and elected at a General Meeting.

Carl Boon   Arthur Ayliffe
John Burnett (Past President)   Les Balding
Nigel Burton   John Burnett
Keith Coates (Past President)   Greg Gregory-Jones
Dave Cox (Current President)   John Turnbull
John Cox   Carl Boon
Mike Cumpper (Past President)   Caroline Turnbull
Mike England    
Greg Gregory-Jones (Past President)    
Derek Holmes (Past President)    
Mark Johnson    
Alasdair Kean    
Bob King    
Mike Knowles    
Leif Mills  (Past President)    
Lyn Taylor    
Ashley Tilling    
Caroline Turnbull    
John Turnbull (Past President)