> > First race of the New Year on the River Thames < <
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Event kindly sponsored by
Weybridge & Walton physiotherapy

Course: River Thames, 3000 metres downstream from Elmbridge Canoe Club to Walton Rowing Club.
Events: The Head will be run in TWO divisions at 10:30 and 13:00:
  Division 1 Division 2
8+ IM1, IM3, Mas* W.IM2, W.Mas* J18, J15 W.J16 IM2, Nov, MasNov W.IM1, W.IM3, W.Nov, W.MasNov J16 W.J18, W.J15
Mxd MasNov
8x+       W.J14     J14  
4x IM2 W.IM1, W.IM3 J16 W.J18 IM1, IM3, Mas* W.IM2, W.Mas* J18 W.J16
4x+ MasNov W.MasNov J14 W.J15     J15 W.J14
4+ IM2, Nov, MasNov W.IM3, W.Nov, W.MasNov   W.J15 IM3, Mas* W.IM2, W.Mas* J15  
4- IM2 W.IM3 J16 W.J18 IM3, Mas* W.Mas* J18 W.J16
2x IM1, IM3, MasNov, Mas* W.IM2, W.Mas*, W.Nov J18, J17, J15, J14 W.J16 Sen, IM2, Nov W.IM1, W.IM3, W.MasNov J16 W.J18, W.J17, W.J15, W.J14
2- IM1, IM3 W.IM2, W.Sen J18, J17 W.J16 IM2, Sen, Mas* W.IM1, W.IM3, W.Mas* J16 W.J18, W.J17
Coastal         Various    

* Masters categories may be combined and handicapped.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for any event in which three or more boats enter and at least two compete. Crews will be moved to the next highest available category in the event of insufficient entries. Please state if this is not acceptable. Please indicate if you are unable to change division.
  • Senior/Masters events: a commemorative plaque will be awarded to each winning crew.
  • Junior events: A commemorative medal will be awarded to each competing member, including coxes, of winning crews.
Rules: Competitors are encouraged to race in more than one division. You are reminded that boats must display British Rowing standard identity codes and must be licensed for the Thames.
In the event of oversubscription, priority will be given to eights, fours and quads.
Fees: £12 per competitor per event (coxes free) in advance; £14 if payment is received on the day.
Payment by bank transfer (see BROE for details) or by cheque made payable to 'Weybridge Rowing Club' please and sent to:
Rachel Kornberg, 18 Woodland Grove, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9EQ.
Numbers will not be issued if any entry fees for the club are owing.
Entries: We are limited to 100 in each division. Entries will close at 6pm on Saturday 14th January 2017.
Entries must be made via British Rowing On-line Entry. Enquiries only may be made on 07582 200851 or via email to: info @ weybridgerowing.org.uk

Last modified: 19th November 2016