Weybridge Silver Sculls

Winners of the Bonnie Bird Cup

The Bonnie Bird Cup, first presented in 1977, is awarded to the fastest female junior in any division.

1975No records of Junior winners found before 1976
1976A ScottJohn Mason HSBC19:34
1977C ScottKings School, Ely17:56
1978L JenkinsonMaidenhead RC16:21
1979K BallBroxbourne RC15:25
1980K BallBroxbourne RC18:08
1981S WensleyWeybridge LARCUnknown
1982No Race
1983S ClarkAbingdon RC16:00
1984R CassonMarlow RC18:57
1985J YoungSt Ives RC16:27
1986J YoungSt Ives RC16:40
1987No Race
1988S BirchKingston RC17:18
1989R MorrisLady E Holles Sch17:50
1990S BirchKingston RC15:40
1991C DringKingston RC 
1992C PayneKingston RC17:03
1993No Race
1994V FangenKinsgton RC15:57
1995F HoughtonKing's Sch Cant.14:53
1996C KepinskaHeadington Sch16:24
1997C HolmesWarwick BC15:40
1998S SloanBurway RC17:22
1999C BellSurbiton High Sch16:39
2000C LongLady E Holles Sch20:29
2001P CookLady E Holles Sch17:35
2002J McNuffMolesey BC16:01
2003R BlighLady E Holles Sch15:19
2004A St JohnSt Edwards Sch17:40
2005L RayStourport BC16:00
2006R E BradburyWestminster School17:56
2007C Thomas Burway RC17:15
2008C ThomasBurway RC16:32
2009C Aubugeau-WilliamsDeben RC16:06
2010A FrenchEton Excelsior RC16:27
2011K DenhamWalton RC15:12
2012No Race
2013K MaitlandEton Excelsior RC15:28
2014L WheeldonWeybridge RC17:00
2015C KnightThames RC14:34
2016H DunfordMolesey BC14:54