Weybridge Silver Sculls

One Page Summary

Race Control is at Cowey Sale. Race is approx. 3000m upstream in four divisions. Start times. Division 1: 09:30, Division 2: 11:30, Division 3: 13:30, Division 4: 15:30.

Club Captains, Coaches and Competitors must read all Instructions, together with the associated maps, carefully and ensure all your entrants are fully conversant with them and apply them at all times.

Safety: The event is held under British Rowing Rules of Racing and complies with the ‘Row Safe:- A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing’ guidelines. All coaches and competitors are expected to implement the guidelines, including putting safety above all other considerations and owing a duty of care to other river users. Risk of any serious incidents occurring will be reduced by the adherence of all those involved with these instructions. It is the absolute responsibility of competitors and coaches to ensure that their boat meets the standards laid down in BR Rules of Racing and Row Safe.

Random checks will be carried out throughout the day. Competitors and coaches are responsible for undertaking their own Risk Assessment, ensuring all crew members are competent, healthy and suitably clothed to race in the conditions on the day, irrespective of the organisers’ decision to hold all or some of the events. In the event of inclement weather, coaches must decide if their crews are competent to handle the conditions. In the event of a major incident or deterioration in the weather, race officials will instruct crews what to do. These instructions must be adhered to strictly. Crews deemed inadequately dressed for the conditions will not be allowed to boat.

Before Race Day: Please check the start order and advise any errors and notify any scratchings to Rachel Kornberg email: rachelkornberg@gmail.com or 07852 200851.

Entries: Masters’ categories will be combined if insufficient entries are received and these will be indicated on the start order. A handicap will be applied in accordance with the Masters Handicapping Data given in the Umpires’ Handbook. Masters Novice will not have a handicap applied for age.

Going Afloat: To avoid congestion, boating times applicable to each location will be advised on the website. If you try to boat at the incorrect time marshals will redirect you. If you arrive at the marshalling area late you may miss your division or be asked to wait until the end or the division.

Spectators: There is parking available at Cowey Sale and Dudley Road recreation ground and spectators are advised to view the race from the Walton stretch or Cowey Sale. Limited viewing is available at the finish.

Disputes: Any disputes should be notified by the competitor involved, or a representative of the Club, as soon as possible to the Chief Umpire, who can be found between Divisions at Cowey Sale car park.

Returning Competitors: Returning competitors must observe the normal navigation rules at all times. Competitors wishing to return to Cowey Sale or Walton RC must do so by using the Old River and Desborough Channel.

Accidents: In the event of capsize, crews must stay with their boat and await assistance from a safety boat.

Maps: A map of the course and circulation patterns is available on the website that details the positioning of competitors at the start, the course and the circulation pattern at the finish. Positions of Race Monitors, Marshals, Safety Launches and First Aid are clearly marked.

Accident and Emergency Procedures: All parts of the course are under observation by at least one Race Monitor. Any official seeing an incident must deal with it as their first priority and inform the Chief Umpire by radio stating the nature of the incident and the assistance required.

Communications: Radios will be supplied to all Race Monitors, Marshals, all Safety Launches and the ambulance crew.

Telephones are located at:-
Elmbridge Canoe Club (01932 856839)
Walton RC (01932 224557)

Last modified: 15th October 2017